Almond Milk Rice Pudding

Almond Milk Rice Pudding recipe

Almond milk rice pudding recipe is sweet and delicious recipe. This recipe is unique because you can serve it in wedding ceremony and other happy occasions. One thing that you may not know that people in villages prepare this recipe when they are happy and want to celebrate their happiness with their loving ones.  Almond milk rice pudding also somewhere known as Custard.  All ingredients and method of preparation are given below with step by step guide. It’s time to try this sweet dish :)


  • Milk                                       ½ litter
  • Rice flour                             ¼ cup
  • Fresh cream                      2 cups
  • Almonds                              100 gram (crushed)
  • Sugar                                     125 grams
  • Almond aysns                    few drops
  • Almonds                              25 grams (very small pieces)
  • Pistachios (pista)              25 grams (very small pieces)

Method of preparation of almond milk rice pudding:

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First of all take a bowl and put some milk from ½ litter milk in it. After this take rice flour and mix it in milk that you have taken in bowl earlier. And put it aside for some time. Now take another pan and add left milk, fresh cream, almond powder and sugar and cook it. Cook it till the grains of sugar ends. When you realize that the grains are no more in that pan next you add few drops of almond aysns along with mixture of rice(you have prepared earlier) slowly slowly and cook it. Cook it so much that it becomes thick and hard. You almond milk rice recipe has prepared now. Last step is to get the recipe out in glasses.

How to furnish:
Although your recipe has prepared next step is to garnish above recipe with almonds and pistachios and serve it after cooling it well.

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