American Chicken nuggets Burger king recipe without Mayonnaise

American Chicken nuggets Burger king recipe without Mayonnaise

American Chicken nuggets Burger king recipe without Mayonnaise

Nowadays a big problem for every woman is which type of recipe will try. Because everyone wants a new dish daily. When we talk about children they prefer to eat nuggets, burgers, fries, and these kinds of dishes. one chicken nuggets burger king recipe has 470 calories.

So, today I will share the recipe with you for how to make the Chicken nuggets burger king recipe without Mayonnaise. you can also add mayonnaise if you are interested. A recipe for KFC Zinger Burger .chicken nuggets burger method is given below in sequence


  • Chicken breasts(cubed)     4
  • Buns(small)                          9
  • Eggs                                        1
  • White pepper powder         1/2tbsp
  • Red chilli powder                1/2tsp
  • Mustard powder                 1/2tsp
  • Lemon juice                         2tbsp
  • Corn flour                             2tbsp
  • Fresh breadcrumbs            1cup
  • Refined flour                      3tbsp
  • Salt                                       1/2tsp
  • Butter                                  200grams
  • Oil                                         for frying
  • French fries                       as an accompaniment
  • Cucumber(slices)             for garnishing
  • Spring onions, lettuce     for decoration

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Cooking Directions:

  1. Cut chicken into small pieces to fit into buns.
  2. Marinate chicken with eggs, pepper, chilies, mustard, lemon juice, corn flour, salt, and keep aside for a little while.
  3. Coat each chicken piece first with flour then with breadcrumbs and press firmly with fingers.
  4. Heat oil in a wok and fry nuggets golden then remove.
  5. Cut buns horizontally from the center and apply butter on both halves; place nuggets on top of the bottom halves and cover with the top halves of the buns.
  6. Place burgers in the center of a serving dish and garnish burgers with cucumbers pierced on the buns. Decorate one side of the dish with French fries and the other side with spring onions and lettuce.

chicken nuggets burger king recipe without Mayonnaise is ready to serve.

Eat chicken nuggets burger with ketchup. Enjoy with family and relatives.

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