Bunny chow chicken

Bunny chow chicken recipe with curry

Bunny chow is a south African recipe. Now a big problem is that how to make Bunny chow chicken recipe with curry in a simplest way. a new recipe for everyone. I now you are tired to eat simple chicken and bread like foods. a healthy and good recipe for you don’t missed how to make Hot chicken salad souffle recipe now try a new dish of bunny chow chicken recipe. simple and easy steps of bunny chow chicken recipe are given below in sequence.


  • Chicken mince             300grams
  • Buns (hard)                  4
  • Potatoes (small)           2
  • Onions                           1
  • Garlic/ ginger              paste 1tbsp
  • Tomatoes                      4
  • Cinnamon                    2sticks
  • Green cardamoms      3
  • Curry leaves                10 leaves
  • Curry powder             1tsp
  • Turmeric powder      1tsp
  • Salt                               to taste
  • Oil                                 3tbsp
  • Tomatoes, lettuce and fresh coriander     for decoration

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Cooking directions:

  1. Cut the potatoes in cubed shape.
  2. Chopped the onions and tomatoes.
  3. Cut out top portions of buns slightly and scoop out the inners.
  4. Heat oil in a pot and cook cinnamon, cardamoms, curry leaves, onions, ginger and garlic.
  5. Add mince and fry. Add tomatoes, potatoes, turmeric, curry powder, salt and fry thoroughly.
  6. Fill this mixture into buns.
  7. Now decorate dish with tomatoes, lettuce.
  8. Place buns on top and garnish with coriander Bunny chow.

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Bunny chow chicken recipe with curryis ready to serve enjoy with family, relatives and friends as a new spacial dish.

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