Chinese Buffet Near Me Open Now Restaurants

55 Best Chinese Buffet Near Me Open Now Restaurants In My Area 2022 -2023

Chinese Buffet Near Me Open now
Chinese Buffet Near Me

A few cultures are loved in almost every region of the world because of their uniqueness. Chinese culture is one of those few that people like in every region of the world. Many people who have never even visited China search for “Chinese Buffet Near Me” on the internet.

It is because they like the unique tastes and being healthy with such healthy food available in their region. There is no wonder that almost every region of the world has some specific restaurants to provide Chinese buffet foods for your services.

Finding the best one is not an easy task because you have to taste all of them for surety. But it won’t be easy for you to do this when you have multiple restaurants on the list while searching for “Chinese buffet food near me”

So, we have researched and enlisted the best places to get attached to for this purpose. You will find all those restaurants perfect to enjoy Chinese foods without fear of harmful impacts on your health.

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chinese buffet near me open now

What are the best Chinese buffet restaurants near me?

There is not a limited list of restaurants to experience while you are looking for Chinese food. Almost every second restaurant will include a few dishes from this tradition in their menu card. So, it will not be easy for you to choose the one that can provide you with a memorable experience.

The best way to do this is to check for a restaurant that is more close to your speed. It will help you in moving comfortably instead of looking for a cab or any other service. Secondly, you should check for the menu card before visiting to make sure that your desired Chinese buffet food is available in that restaurant.

Here we have made a list of the best Chinese buffet restaurants near me just for your help via Google Map.

Best all You Can Eat Chinese Buffet Near Me by Name with Phone No

Chinese Buffet Restaurants Name Phone Number URL
sizzler (949) 273-4497
CORKY’S KITCHEN AND BAKERY 1 909-428-3100 1 909-428-3100
western sizzlin (501) 474-2357
SHAKEY’S PIZZA (626) 576-0616
pizza ranch 800-321-3401
Shoney’s 1-800-708-3558.
Incredible Pizza 210-610-6086
Chuck-A-Rama (801) 433-3663
Golden Corral 281-412-4546
Shady Maple 800-238-7363
Bacchanal Buffet 702-731-7928
Red Apple Buffet 773-763-3407
wynn Las Vegas (702) 770-7000
North Country Steak Buffet 608-781-3464
Captain Georges 757.428.3494
Charley’s Buffet (660) 668-0171
Carolina Road House 843.497.9911
Dakotah SteakHouse 605-791-1800
Ranch Steak House (405) 755-3501
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 1.877.893.2001
MARUFUKU RAMEN 650.257.3012
Starbelly 403-570-0133
Farmhouse Kitchen (323)592399
Santuari Restaurant 323-902-9700
Fratelli Beretta 201-438-0723
Dumpling Kitchen (415)682- 8938
Sotto Mare 1(415)398-3181
BJS 425-376-1560
Surf Club Restaurant (305) 768-9440
Rubys Fast Food (773) 539-2669
Village Indian Cuisine (858) 874-3663
Dodfathers 402-391-1452
Happy Joes (563) 332-8811
big boy 517-266-6600
Chipotle (360) 369-6168
Quiznos 866.486.2783
NATHAN’S FAMOUS (540) 825-2627
Little Caesars 1-800-722-3727.
TGI FRIDAYS (540) 635-4198
CHILI’S (509) 458-2345
Five Guys (509) 388-0209
Waffle House (913) 721-5200
Cold Stone Ice Cream (480) 362-4800
Out Back
(509) 469-4886″
Popeyes (253) 435-0850
Bartlesville (918) 331-9956

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How much should I pay for Chinese buffet food?

Every restaurant and every buffet deal has different prices. You can get an idea about the exact price of any dish just by having a look at the menu card. But the average price of a Chinese buffet near me varies between $10 to $30.

The prices can be changed with the place you are visiting, the region you are living and the dish you are ordering. So, you can’t say that the price will remain the same when you are checking in to multiple restaurants for this purpose.

But you will find it pretty cheap in price when wondering for all you can eat Chinese buffet near me.

best all you can eat chinese buffet near me

What is the best Chinese buffet near me?

It depends on multiple factors some of which include a number of dishes, the tradition of the region you are living, and the menu of the restaurants you are contacting. No one can say that it is the best Chinese buffet near me unless he knows about your taste and nature.

But a traditional Chinese buffet normally offers vegetables, noodles, rice dishes, fish, chicken, and soup. The list of foods can be longer or shorter just according to your selected package.

In short, it depends on your budget and restaurant menu card. So, you can easily explore the list of items and deals from the menu card to make sure that you are picking the best one.

chinese take out restaurants near me

How to choose the best restaurants for Chinese buffet food near me?

Choosing the best Chinese buffet near me is not an easy task. But you can do this just by evaluating a restaurant on the following basis.

Check Customer Service

First of all, you should check how cooperative and responsive the customer care of a restaurant is. It will let you understand whether your visit will be memorable or weird. You should have to choose the restaurant with the best customer service as it is a matter of your health and taste.


Secondly, you should check the cleanliness of the space while visiting it. A restaurant should be cleaned and dried correctly for the visit of customers. If it is not in good condition, you should immediately leave that spot. It is because dirty spaces will make the food full of germs and can harm your health.

Check Food’s Freshness

Another important factor you can notice while checking for the best Chinese buffet near me is its freshness. Normally, you will be offered food that is baked and frozen a long ago. Overall, there might be no harmful impacts on your health with this food.

But it can’t offer you amazing taste as you can get from fresh food. So, you should try to pick a restaurant that is offering fresh food from a “Chinese buffet near me” collection.

Read Reviews

Before visiting a specific restaurant, you should read the reviews about their foods and services online. It will help you in estimating whether you should go there or look for any other spot.


Can I get Chinese buffet food at home?

Normally, you can take Chinese buffet food to your home by getting it packed. But the best way is to eat it in the restaurant because its freshness will be affected when taking to home.

Is the Chinese buffet near me fresh?

Normally, the food is cooked at the time of order but its ingredients are baked at the beginning of the day. It is because the Chinese buffets will take time to get ready and the customers have to wait to fulfill their hunger.


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