Pancake Recipe

Classic Pancake Recipe

Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are mainly used in Daily routeen life in America. European, British, Canadian are mostly ate pancakes in breakfast time. A traditionally pancakes recipe is made by mixing a flour into eggs. A little amount of sugar is added to make taste batter with milk. Lemon juice is recommended as to make tasty.Many of them ate pancakes as enjoyment to spare a we will make classic “pancake recipe” in simple and easy way in just only 15 minutes.follow the given instruction carefully.Must try easy recipe of Banana Pancakes


  • Milk                    400ml
  • Oil                      for cook
  • Eggs                  3 medium size( or 2 large size)
  • Granulated sugar    as desired
  • Lemon juice     as needed

Cooking Method:

1. Sift the plain flour.

2. Take a bowl put eggs and flour in a bowl.

3. Beat eggs into the flour by adding sugar .

4. Now gradually add milk to make mixture smooth.

5. Heat little oil in a frying pan.

6. Now pour the mixture in a pan and tipping side to side to make thin layer of pancakes.

7. cook each side for almost 30 seconds until look brown.

Now “classic pancake recipe” is cooked and ready to like ButterMilk Pancakes Recipe

Roll out the thin Pancakes and Put hot pancakes into plate and enjoy with golden cyrup.

Also furnish the lemon juice with pancakes.

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