Green chili pickle

Green Chili Pickle Recipe- A leading spicy pickle recipe to multiply your Meal taste

This  green chili pickle recipe is for those who knows the actual taste of foods. Yes i mean this.  Green chili Pickle recipe is very special for those who like to taste their mouth with spicy ingredients.
Although all people like and it daily specially in Noon time. But rural people almost use it daily. And if you don’t know then come to know that “ this is purely Asian recipe”. Firstly rural people liked it and then it came to urban areas and in chefs site. Its preparation and cooking time is about 40 minutes.
All the ingredients and step by step method of green chili pickle recipe preparation has described below.


Green chili Pickle Recipe []



  • olive oil                                    half cup
  • green chilli                             1/4 kilogram
  • Cumin                                      1 tablespoon (roasted and chopped)
  • tamarind pulp                        1-3 tablespoons
  • Chat masala (spices)           1 tablespoons
  • Black Salt                               ¼ teaspoon
  • Salt as required

Method of preparation :

  • First step of green chili pickle recipe is to make juice of tamarind. Its quite easy. Take tamarind and also take water in bowl.
  • Put bowl on light fire. And make water hot.
  • When water gets hot. And you think that you can rub tamarind with hands. Then put the bowl down.
  • After rubbing tamarind in good way.
  • Next step is to filter out the tamarind pulp.

To make Green chili pickle recipe.

  • Now Take chili and cut them in between(half) lengthwise.
  • Now take another pan and put oil in it.
  • And fry chili in this oil.
  • You almost done preparation. Now put tamarind pulp, spices and cumin in it.
  • Now put salt and black salt in this mixture.
  • By mixing them all. Cook it for some time.
    And you have done. :)

Save it:

  • Now save it in any jar.
  • And serve it to you lover ones. ;) You can use it after a year also.

This  was was the whole green chili pickle recipe. If you have any query regarding this recipes or want to give us feeback . Then feel free to mention it in comment. Your queries will be solved as soon as possible regarding this recipe.
Have a spicy day :)

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