Healthy Pasta Recipe made of Walnuts, healthy proved recipe

In order to know deeply facts of the recipes, balanced calorie diets proved healthful facts because they have low percentage fat cells. So keeping this point, today we decided to introduce such a balanced diet recipe for our adorable viewers.

We are sharing one of the tastiest recipes. :-D Health is wealth, so eat better to make a healthy life. Here is the following process: How to make Healthy Pasta recipe made of Walnuts in easy and quick way with in a couple of mints in just few steps, healthy proved recipe. :-D :-D  Try easy  Butter Milk Sweet Corn Pancake Recipe

Sake of Ingredients:

  • Boiled Pasta                        2cups
  • Garlic(chopped)                6cloves
  • Walnuts(chopped)           1cup
  • green Chilies(chopped)   4
  • pasta sauce                        1cup
  • water                                  1/4cup
  • Jaggery (powered)          1tbsp
  • Salt                                    as taste liked
  • olive oil                             1tbsp
  • Butter                               2tbsp

Method to Achieve paste with Walnut:

  1. The First step to blend Walnuts, Olive Oil, Green Chilies and Pasta sauce in a blender. Must try Special Beef Liver and Onion Recipe
  2. Heat butter in a wok cattle and fry garlic till turned into golden color.
  3. So to add blended masala, water, jaggery and salt and cook till the oil make separation.
  4. Add Pasta and to take it in the dish, sprinkle the chopped walnuts and serve it.

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