Mexican Chunky Tomato Salsa recipe

How to make Mexican Chunky Tomato Salsa recipe

Mexican chunky tomato salsa recipe is in other words a vegetables recipe. There is no fat in it. This recipe is very easy to prepare with in a couple of minutes by adding all ingredients at a time and cook for few minutes and dish is ready. :)

so, a big question is it How to make Mexican Chunky Tomato Salsa recipe. so below the given method of Mexican recipe in sequence. Try Grill Vegetable fish recipe


  • Tomatoes                                 4
  • Onion                                       1/4cup
  • Capsicum                                 1/4cup
  • Green chillies (finely cut)      1/4cup
  • Garlic                                       4cloves
  • Cumin seeds                           1/2tsp
  • Black peppercorns(crushed)    1/2tsp
  • Sugar                                       1tsp
  • White vinegar                       2tbsp
  • Tomato paste                       4tbsp
  • Water                                    1/4cup
  • Salt                                         1tsp
  • Oil                                         1tbsp

Cooking directions:

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  1. First chopped the onion and tomatoes also chopped capsicum take in mind garlic also should be chopped and green chillies finely cut.
  2. Now take a saucepan add oil and heat and mix all ingredients as like tomatoes, onion, capsicum, garlic, green chillies, cumin seeds, black peppercorns, sugar, white vinegar, tomato paste; cook all ingredients in a saucepan by adding water into it.
  3. When look soft then remove from heat and Mexican chunky salsa is ready to eat.

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