How to make Spaghetti

How to make Spaghetti with Sauce

How to make Spaghetti

spaghetti with turkey meat sauce is most popular pasta recipe all over the world.a wonderful spaghetti is the combination of meat, tomatoes, green pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, black pepper. now the question is that “how to make spaghetti” sauce in very simple and easy way with in a couple of minutes.a light weight pasta is served at dinner time, usually at day after noon and night for may also like Healthy PastaF649@n5Mps9Etmh@UnrtWFD*121 Recipe Made of Walnut

Cooking Ingredients:

  •  turkey(meat)                1 lb lean ground
  • spaghetti                      1 lb
  • Non-sticky cooking spray     for cook
  • tomatoes with juice    15 ounce
  • tomato paste              7 ounce
  • tomato sauce             15 ounce
  • Green pepper            1 cup chopped
  • Onion                          1 cup chopped
  • Garlic                          1-2 ounce minced
  • Oregano                     1 teaspoon crushed
  • Black pepper             1 teaspoon

Cooking Directions:

1. Take a frying pan and spray non-sticky cooking spray.

2. Heat oil and add turkey(meat). Cook and Stir for 5 minutes.

3. Now add tomato juice, tomato paste, tomato sauce, onion, garlic, green pepper, oregano and black pepper. Heat on low heat and covered .stir well for almost 13 to 15 minutes till simmer.

4. Now remove cover and heat again for 15 minutes. And to make creamier sauce, whirl sauce in a food processor.

5. At last cook spaghetti by following the given packet directions.

6. Drain spaghetti and sprinkle bread grains and sauce over spaghetti.

Serve spaghetti with chilli sauce or tomato i think question about “how to make spaghetti” is cleared. put any querry below in comment box. i hope you will share your experience with us. and Must try Mayonnaise Past Salad

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