How to make Szechuan beef Stir fry

How to make Szechuan beef Stir fry recipe with red chillies and corn flour

szechuan beef stir fry is very delicious and widely used recipe that cooked using corn kernels, beef undercut, sugar, red chillies, corn flour, ginger paste, sesame oil ingredients in a couple minutes. below the given step by step method of How to make Szechuan beef Stir fry recipe with red chillies and corn flour.


  • Beef undercut(thinly cut)              1 /2 kg
  • Corn kernels                                    1cup
  • Garlic (finely cut)                          2cloves
  • Capsicums(cubed)                          2
  • Fresh whole red chillies                 6
  • Red chillies (crushed)                  1tsp
  • Sugar                                               1cup
  • Corn flour                                      1tbsp
  • Ginger paste                                 1tbsp
  • Saya sauce                                   2tbsp
  • Salt                                                 to taste
  • Sesame oil                                    1 /2 tbsp
  • Oil                                                   5tbsp

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Cooking directions:

  1. Marinate undercut with saya sauce, corn flour and salt keep aside for one hour.
  2. Heat 3tablespoon in a wok, fry undercut and remove from heat.
  3. Now add remaining oil in a wok and fry ginger and garlic.
  4. Now add red chillies, fresh chillies, corn, sugar, undercut and capsicums.
  5. Now cook it for few minutes.
  6. Add sesame oil and dish out.
    Szechuan beef is cooked. Enjoy with family. I hope you like it and don’t forget to give feedback us. And be ready for our new dish tomorrow.

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