Nearest Dunkin Donuts to Me

28 Best Dunkin Donuts Near to Me & What type of Donuts You Should Try

Donuts or doughnuts are ring-shaped fried dough. Donuts are sweet snacks that can be made at home or bought from bakeries or restaurants. There are so many restaurants that offer donuts of different types. Ring-shaped donuts were first made by an American Hanson Gregory in 1847.

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Types of Dunkin Donuts:

There are two basic types of Dunkin donuts one is cake donuts and the other one is yeast donuts. The basic difference between them is in the batter used to make them.

·       Cake Donuts:

These are made by the batter of cake in which baking powder is used to leaven the dough.

·       Yeast Donuts:

Yeast donuts are made from dough that is leavened by yeast as the name indicates.

Above mentioned types are different in the leavening agent used in the batter but there are a lot of other types of donuts that vary in flavors and toppings.

Dunkin Donuts Near Me

Here are 28 Nearest Dunkin Donuts to Me

1)   Glazed Donuts:

Glazed donuts are topped with glaze toppings that can be sugar glaze topping or chocolate glaze topping.

2)   Sugar Donuts:

As the name indicates sugar donuts are decorated with simply granulated sugar. These donuts are the most common ones and are famous for their beautiful appearance.

3)   Powder Donuts:

Powder donuts are the same in taste as sugar donuts but different in the topping because these are topped with powdered sugar, not with granulated ones.

4)   Crumb Donuts:

These donuts are famous for their crunch as they are baked in the oven rather than deep frying in the pan. Their texture is very crunchy but they are soft and moist from the inside.

5)   Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts:

These donuts are first topped with melted chocolate and then chocolate icing with sprinkles of different colors. These donuts are very colorful and so loved by kids.

6)   Churros:

Churros are not true donuts by their shape as they are stick shaped. Churros donuts are coated with sugar such as sugar donuts and served with melted chocolate.

7)   Fruit Filled Donuts:

Fruit-filled donuts are made with dough in which different fruits such as different berries and dry fruit are added. They can be topped by a topping of your choice.

8)   Cream Filled Donuts:

These are the same as fruit-filled donuts but their filling is different as we used cream in place of fruits to fill them. In these donuts, the cream is injected into the donut after frying it. You can also try custard in place of cream for filling.

9)   Sour Cream Donuts:

These donuts are made with the batter in which sour cream is added so that the texture becomes a little cakey.

10). Boston Cream Donuts:

These donuts are inspired by Boston cream pie as we used custard for filling and melted chocolate to coat the donuts.

11). Jelly Donuts:

As the name indicates these donuts are filled with jellies and jams of different flavors. These donuts can be sufganiyot, Berliner, and bomboloni.

12) Apple Fritter Donuts:

Apple fritter donuts are made with the batter leavened by yeast and then the batter is flavored with the baked apple chunks and cinnamon. They are very soft and fluffy from the inside.

13). Cinnamon Twist Donuts:

These donuts are somewhat different from others in shape as they have a twist in them and are coated with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

14). Cruller

Crullers are beautiful flower-shaped donuts that are made by professionals. First of all the dough is kneed into rectangular shaped pieces then they are braided to make the cruller donut.

15). Cronuts:

Cronuts are a new addition to the donut family. They are donuts that come from croissants and were first made by Chef Dominique Ansel who was working in the Dominique Ansel Bakery.

16). Spudnuts:

Spudnuts are actually potato donuts. To make these donuts you need to add mashed boiled potatoes in the batter of the donuts and then simply deep fry them donuts. These donuts were first made by an American in the 20th century. These donuts can be salty as well.

17). Coconut Donuts:

Coconut donuts are the ones that are coated with crushed coconut and then they are roasted to give them a crunchy crispy texture. These are the most popular traditional donuts.

18).  Long John Donuts:

These are elongated donuts with a hole in the center filled with jelly. Long John donuts are made up of dough leavened by yeast.

19). Malasadas:

Malasada donuts are just like beignet and were first made in Portugal. They are also filled with fruit or custard.

20). Bear Claw Donuts:

These donuts were first made in the 20th century and these donuts are topped with slivered almonds.

21). Tiger Tail Donuts:

Tiger tail donuts are long twisted donuts made up of pastry twisted with chocolate. After frying the donuts they just look like the tail of the tiger.

22). Buttermilk Donuts:

These donuts are made from the cake dough in which buttermilk is added which gives the donuts light and airy texture and flavorful taste.

23). Devil’s Food Donuts:

These are actually creative variations of the chocolate cake in ring-shaped donuts topped with icing sugar.

24). Danish:

Danish donuts are made up of dough raised by yeast in twisted donut shapes and then baked in the oven.

25).   Paczki:

Paczki donuts are more like a cupcake as they are without any holes in the center. The yeast-raised dough is used to make these donuts. They are very popular in Chicago.

26). Berliner Donuts:

Berliner donuts are also without holes in the center. These are traditional German donuts with different toppings and fillings.

27). Pershing Donuts:

These are basically cinnamon rolls but made but donut batter so named donuts. After frying the donut it is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar powder.

28). Beignet:

Beignet is not true donuts as they are not of donut shape but a square or rectangular shape. They are made with choux dough. They were first made in France.

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Best Dunkin Donut shops in the USA:

Best Dunkin Donut shops in USA

There is a long list of shops or bakeries or restaurants which serve the best donuts in America. Some best of them are the following:

1.    Dunkin Donuts:

Dunkin donuts is a large chain of donut restaurants not only in America but in the whole world. It is famous for its mouthwatering variety of donuts with tasty coffee. Their 9479 branches of Dunkin donuts in America. In New York there are 1432 branches and 15% of the world’s Dunkin donuts are in America.

2.    District Donuts, Sliders & Brew:

If you are living in the South then you can find a lot of District Donuts shops out there. It is well known in Las Vegas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

3.    A Baker’s Wife:

It is a donut shop that you can find in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

4.    Allie’s Donuts:

Allie’s donuts shop is famous for crullers and glazed donuts from decades in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

5.   Barrio Donas:

This shop is in San Diego, California, and is famous for traditional Mexican flavor donuts.

6.    Blackbird Doughnuts

This donut shop is serving a variety of donuts from vanilla glazed donuts to chocolate sprinkle donuts. It is operating in Boston, Massachusetts.

7.    Blinkie’s Donuts:

It is an old donuts shop in Woodland Hills, California selling donuts since 2004. Blinkie’s donuts is famous for custom donuts.

8.    Da Vinci’s Donuts:

Da Vinci’s donuts are serving its customs with its creativity in Atlanta, Georgia.

9.   Dat Donut:

Dat donut was formed by Burritt “Mr. B” Bulloch in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. He was considered the king of donuts.

10.  The Donut Man:

The donut man is in Los Angeles, California. It is very popular among people as they have to wait in line to get their favorite delicious donuts.

11. Donut Run:

It is in Washington, DC. It is famous for Boston cream, cinnamon sugar, and raspberry jam to seasonal and more inventive varieties, like matcha, mint chocolate chip, and red velvet.

12.  Top Pot Doughnuts:

Top Pot Doughnuts is a famous donuts restaurant chain, its first branch was opened in 2002. It is famous for Old Fashioned, Chocolate Cake, and Apple Fritter which are all made using ‘20s-era recipes, and customers love them.

13.   LaMar’s Donuts:

It is also a complete chain of donut restaurants as it has 28 shops in six states of the USA. Its first branch was opened in 1928. It is famous for its unique traditional old taste of donuts. Their donuts are non-greasy, light, and crispy.

14.   Krispy Kreme:

Krispy Kreme was first formed in 1937 but now it’s a complete chain having its branches everywhere in the USA. They are champions of the industry as they offer fresh straight-from-kitchen donuts.

15.  Five Daughters Bakery:

It is in Nashville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. This bakery offers you a variety of delicious donuts.


Donuts/doughnuts are of so many different tasty types. They are liked for breakfast or eaten as snacks with coffee and tea. There are so many restaurants and bakeries in America that serve a variety of donuts but Dunkin donuts are the most famous one not only in America but in the whole world.

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