Noodles Chicken Cutlets Recipe

chicken is daily used meal.and chicken cutlets dish mainly used for refreshment and enjoyment with a cup of tea at  evening time or with ketchup or bottle at night and also offered to guests. cutlets with noodles make dish more every house wife try to make a new dish to serve guests and family. So, today we will try to make cutlets with Noodles.  “Noodles Chicken Cutlets Recipe” is the combination of potatoes, noodles, chicken, black pepper, salt coriander and green pepper.




  • Potato               1/2 kg
  • Chicken            1/2 kg
  • Noodles            1 packet
  • Black pepper   1 tbsp
  • Salt                    1/2 tbsp
  • Coriander        as needed
  • Green pepper  4 (cut in small pieces)

Making directions:

First Boil potatoes and left.

Now boil the noodles and chicken separately and left for mix potatoes, chicken, noodles and mesh.

Now add salt, black pepper, coriander and green pepper and mix.

Make cutlets and shallow fry.

Remove from heat and serve hot “Potatoes Noodles chicken cutlets Recipe” dish to family or guests with Ketchup or bottle.i hope you like this recipe.must try Chicken Chow Mein Noodles Recipe

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