Sweet American Peanut Butter and jelly ice cream Pie for kids

Peanut Butter ’n’ jelly and ice cream for kids

  • total Chilling time:6hours
  • total freezing time:4hours
  • Serve to 6 people

kids love a lot, of peanut butter ’n’ jelly and ice cream. when parents serve them these types of dishes they become happy and this is basic tip in which children love you for it when they eat such type of delicious cookies. kids every time demand such type of dish because they love jelly and ice cream.so Peanut Butter and jelly ice Pie for kids is perfect. Below are the instructions on how to make the peanut butter and jelly ice cream recipe.Must try the Pineapple cake recipe with fruity cream Cheese


peanut butter and jelly ice cream

Peanut Butter and jelly ice cream Pie for kids[RanaRecipes.com]

  • peanut butter sandwich cookies         1(16-ounce) pkg.
  • butter                                                       5tablespoon Melted
  •  strawberry topping                              2/3cup Divided
  •  vanilla ice cream softened                 1quart
  •  peanut                                                     1/3cup chopped


  1. Take a Food Processor and Place the cookies in it.
  2. crushed cookies and placed in a medium bowl.
  3. Now and add butter and mix them well.
  4. Press half the crumb mixture over the bottom of a 9-inch pie plate to make a crust and freeze to the firm. Best Pineapple Upside Down Recipe
  5. fill half spoon with strawberry, topping on the crust, and spread with softened ice cream.
  6. again fillhttp://ranarecipes.com/best-pineapple-upside-down-cake-recipe/ the spoon with the remaining strawberry topping over ice cream and sprinkle with the remaining crumb mixture, pressing down lightly. sprinkle chopped peanut on top.
  7. Cover and freeze for almost 4 hours,  Just before serving, remove from freezer and soften for 10 minutes before slicing.

Now Peanut Butter and jelly ice cream Pie for kids is ready to serve the children to seeing smiles on their faces which is the first responsibility of parents.

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