Peking Chicken recipe | simple & easy to make

Peking Chicken Recipe

How to make Peking chicken? easily demands an expert hand. today we will describe this recipe to you. Although it is not easy to make but reading this recipe, you will be an expert on this delicious Peking chicken recipe. So, a Simple and Easy Way to make Peking Chicken is described below.
First of ALL, the Following Ingredients are required:


(1) Skinny Whole chicken                  One Quantity
(2) Worcestershire Sauce                  Four tablespoon
(3) Dark Soya Sauce                           Six tablespoon
(4) Star anise                                       Four Quantity
(5) Paprika Powder                           One tablespoon
(6) Hot Spikes Powder                     Half tablespoon
(7) Garlic                                             Nine Cloves
(8) Chicken Stock                              Six Cup
(9) Salt                                                Required to taste
(10) Oil                                               To be put on the chicken
(11) Salad                                           For decoration
(12) Fresh chilies, Lemon              For Garnishing

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Here is the Step by Step Method to make this recipe

  1. The First Step is to cook the stock, Worcestershire Sauce, Soya Sauce, hot spices, Star anise, Garlic, Paprika powder, salt and chicken in a pot till the chicken becomes tender from time to time while cooking.
  2. The Second step is to place it in a strainer and discard Masala.
  3. The third step is to Cook Sauce till become thick and pour it into the dispenser. and half of Peking chicken is done.
  4. Now the Fourth Step is to place the chicken in a pot, heat oil in a saucepan, pour on the chicken, and make the dish out after some time.
  5. The Fifth step is to decorate a serving dish with a Salad and sauce dispenser in the center.
  6. The last one is to Garnish chicken with lemon and red chilies.
  7. Peking chicken is ready to serve and Must try a recipe for How to make healthy pasta made of walnut

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