Pomegranate Juice & Health Benefits

Pomegranate Juice Recipe

Pomegranate is a red hard shell fruit with red seeds .seeds are covered with yellow thin layer and red shell. Pomegranate is healthy fruit and is more beneficial for health. It is best for heart patients.it make blood in a human body. daily one glass “pomegranate juice” or pomegranate seeds must taste. this fruit also decrease blood pressure. So this fruit is more beneficial for blood pressure patients to control BP.How to make this juice.you must try this one special juice Lemon Soda Drink lets see!

Juice Ingredients:

1 pomegranate (big size)
Sugar as needed
Water 220 ml

Making Directions:

1. Separate grains from pomegranate shell.
2. Wash grains to remove yellow thin layer from seeds (if needed).
3. Take a blinder add pomegranate and sugar.
4. Run blinder for few mints .”pomegranate juice” is almost ready to serve.
5. Pour the seeds from juice and put in glass.
Add little water to make more sweet and tasty.

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pomegranate juice health benefits

enjoy buddies.

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