Sushi is basically a Japanese food made up of rice and raw seafood mostly fish. Sushi consists of bites of raw fish pieces rolled in boiled rice and seaweed named nori. It is a versatile food that has an amazing history. In the past people in Southeast Asia preserved raw salted fish by wrapping it in fermenting rice. This is how the concept of Sushi food originated. So want to try Sushi? and looking for a Sushi Restaurants Near you? Here you check and try the following sushi Restaurants for better taste.


How can you make Sushi?

Well, Sushi is very easy to cook. You simply need small raw pieces of high-fat content fish and add some spices such as ginger root, Wasabi, and soy sauce for flavor. Now use some fermented rice to surround pieces of fish. Then wrap those rolls in seaweed named nori which is collected from bamboo.

There are two ways to make sushi one is by hand and the other one is by robots. Actually, there are some restaurants famous for Sushi that hire robots to make sushi to manage their orders on time.  

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Different Types of Sushi You Can Try Near You:

There are so many different flavors of Sushi that you can enjoy at your favorite restaurant. The following are some types of Sushi that usually differ in the way of wrapping:

  • Maki:

 Maki is a common type in which fish is simply wrapped in rice and seaweed i.e. nori. 

  • Ngiri:

 It is basically an open serving of Sushi in which fish top Sushi rice. So no wrapping is needed. 

  • Temaki:

 Temaki differs from others due to its cone-shaped wrapping. 

  • Sashimi: 

This is basically simple fish but flavored with Sushi spices and served without rice and seaweed. 

  • Uramaki: 

In Uramaki seaweed comes first then rice in wrapping fish.  

  • Chirashi: 

Chirashi is somewhat similar to sashimi but it is served with different toppings. 

  • Cooked Sushi:

There are some types of Sushi in which cooked fish is used. This is for those people who preferred cooked fish in Sushi. Mostly Sushi made up of eel fish is cooked. 


Best Sushi Restaurants Near Me to Go

If you are looking for the best Sushi restaurants, you can end your search here as we are going to describe the best Sushi restaurants near you. Here are some best restaurants offering the best Sushi in the town:

  • KA Sushi

It is the best restaurant for Sushi and also offers some starters. 

  • Hando

Hando is the best Sushi restaurant especially famous for Temaki a kind of Sushi in which raw fish is wrapped in a cone shape. 

  • Kuu

This restaurant is famous for special arrangements for special occasions. Besides Sushi, many other Asian and Japanese food are served here. 

  • Soma Sushi

This restaurant serves a range of Japanese food including Sushi, vegetable tempura, Japanese BBQ pork ribs, kampachi ceviche, and so many others. 

  • Kokoro:

Kokoro is situated at a place where you can have so many other options for Sushi. But Kokoro is famous for its delicious taste of Sushi. 

  • Sushi Nakazawa:

This restaurant offers the most delicious and full of traditional flavors Sushi. 

  • Uchi/ Ushiko 

Uchi is offering you the best Sushi at the best reasonable rates near you.

  • O Ya

It’s a Japanese restaurant selling Japanese food including Sushi.

  • Kusakabe

Kusakabe is also five star Japanese Sushi restaurant serving customers food full of taste and flavor.

  • Kai Zan

Kai Zan is specifically famous for Sashimi and Maki Sushi. 

Best Sushi Restaurants open 24/7:

Following are the best Sushi restaurants open 24 hours a day. 

  • RA Sushi Bar Restaurant
  • Genji Japanese Restaurant and karaoke bar
  • Café 101
  • Ninja ramen
  • Toukei

Best Sushi Restaurants that offer delivery:

If you want to place your order from home or the office you can put your Sushi order in these restaurants:

  • Nara Sushi
  • Bondi Sushi
  • Fukumoto
  • Urasawa
  • MoMo Sushi


Sushi is a traditional Japanese food that is eaten in the whole world. Sushi is made from raw fish so it can raise health risks for some people who have some digestion issues. It is hard to find the “best Sushi restaurants near me” but this article made it very easy.

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